Challenges and projects built around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership.

Take part in our Challenges

For each SDG, we have a different project that will help you develop new skills and fresh thinking as you create your own response to the challenge. Students aged 16-18 who complete a challenge are eligible to be considered for exciting work experience and mentoring opportunities with sustainable businesses.
60f6b64b89944545aee5a121_02 My Community, My Food Card

My Community, My Food (Extended Version)

Learn about the foods produced in your own area and create an original recipe from sustainable local ingredients.
606c82e83c16579af2ec54fc_03 Intergenerational Playscapes Card

Inter-generational Playscapes

Design and build a prototype of playground equipment that can be enjoyed by people of different generations and abilities.
606c82e9a7fd4961beb7b8ff_06 Handwashing Station Design Card

Clean Hands, Good Health

Design your own creative, engaging and sustainable hand-washing device.

6098f855747be718258caa5b_08 Chinese Culture-p-2000

Open Doors to China

Begin learning Mandarin, build your knowledge of Chinese culture and propose a new enterprise in China.

606c82e859b86401346a8b57_09 A Bioplastic Future Card

A Bioplastic Future

In this project, you will make your own bioplastic material, and design a novel packaging solution to help reduce plastic waste in future

Upcycling Jeans

Discover the environmental impact of denim and transform an old pair of jeans into something new and original



Explore the concept of equilibrium in nature, then use this as inspiration to design a hat or headpiece from sustainable materials

Worms for Waste

Discover why earthworms are key to the future of the natural world and design your own wormery to reduce food waste.

606e0de432f36e10f587f8a1_16 Monumental Reimagining Hero-p-1080

Monumental Reimagining

Design a new monument that tells a story about the identity, values, and history of your community.

More Global Challenges coming soon

60673799219e8c2e1b9b9e6a_01 Circulating Resources

Share Point

Set up a new facility in your community to share and re-use resources such as clothes, books, toys or tools.

Coming soon!

606c82e94ecbd97dede9e6dc_04 Discovering Data Card

Discovering Data

Use data to distinguish facts from fake news and forecast risk, with leading statisticians and a BBC journalist.

Coming soon!

606c82e93b99eb2fa00808cb_05 See Me Card

See Me

Learn about a variety of global approaches to addressing gender inequality and create a performance art piece in response.

Coming soon!

6098f83be68e2bb4b6b67ab4_07 Net Zero Island-p-2000

Net Zero Island

Take charge of a fictitious island in the North Sea and make it ‘net zero’ in terms of carbon use and waste.

Coming soon!

6098f8669ffcbdf53862fc7f_10 Equality Champions-p-2000

Equality Champions

Identify a social inequality that exists in your community and design a fictional superhero to combat it in thought-provoking ways.

Coming soon!

606c82e98ea3777b15e100a6_11 Design for Wellbeing Card

Architecture for Wellbeing

Create a sustainable architectural design that improves the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Coming soon!

606c87280d26677aaf447ce7_12 Activist Fashion Card

Activist Fashion

Taking street art as your inspiration, create your own sustainable fashion design.

Coming soon!

606c87a10e6471325b734d87_14 Aquatic Regeneration Devices Card

Aquatic Regeneration

Learn about aquatic ecosystems and design your own device to improve an aquatic environment in your area.

Coming soon!

606c82e96af9f96c0929f2a6_15 Life on Land Card

Wildlife Welcome Here

Design and prototype a device to improve your local environment for a native plant or animal.

Coming soon!

606c82e93fd00acca9c0ef32_17 Build Back Better Card

Build Back Differently

Explore a set of complex global issues and learn ‘systems thinking’ skills to help you propose a positive solution.

Coming soon!

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