Help us Reach Our Fundraising Goal

While thousands of pupils from over 50 local authority schools across Scotland have benefited from taking part in FIDA projects or using our resources since its launch, a significant limiting factor is the lack of a purpose-built educational centre designed to enable and fully realise the potential of our interdisciplinary way of working. Without a dedicated building, we can only offer these opportunities in traditional, single-subject facilities which are not fit-for-purpose for FIDA. What we need now are teaching and learning spaces where young people can think, design, create, test, collaborate and communicate, all integrated under one roof.

As a result, we are fundraising for our Futures Institute building; a pioneering new learning centre, within which our FIDA initiative can thrive. The building, which received planning permission in July 2023, has been designed by world-renowned architect and Dollar Academy Former Pupil Andrew Whalley OBE, and will offer a compelling alternative to traditional classroom settings.

We are working to a build cost of £12.6m and thanks to a number of generous donations from philanthropists we have the majority of funds in place. We are continuing with our fundraising efforts, engaging with our school community, local businesses, and grant-giving foundations to help us achieve our funding goal. However, our efforts to close the funding gap would benefit greatly from your donation.

Any donation, whatever the level, is hugely appreciated. As a supporter, you will receive updates about the building’s progress, the wider FIDA initiative, and how your support is making a difference. In addition, you will be invited to the building’s opening ceremony.

For donations of £250 and over we are offering you the opportunity to have your name on our Donor Recognition Wall located within the Futures Institute building. This will be a permanent installation and designed by the young people involved in our FIDA challenges. Being on our donor wall means your name will forever be part of the school.

We welcome donations of any size, the following however provides a guide on how your generous gift could help:

You can read more about the Futures Institute and our plans for how we will use the building once it’s up and running by clicking here.

If you would like to make a donation greater than £10,000, please contact our Fundraising Manager Rebecca McFarlane to arrange a meeting:

As Dollar Academy is a registered charity, UK residents can make tax-efficient charitable donations via a number of schemes. You can read more about tax-efficient giving by clicking here.

Fundraising Events

In addition to your donation directly supporting various aspects of the building, we are also putting together a programme of fundraising events throughout the school year, kicking off with our James Bond Musical Extravaganza on Saturday 9th December. The evening will provide a great opportunity to get dressed up and kick off the festive season in style whilst also helping us raise funds for the new building. Following a cocktail reception, David Christie and his Scottish Pops Orchestra will be playing all the well-known musical classics from the James Bond films. The event will also include an auction with our guest auctioneer.

Other events celebrating the varied musical, sporting and artistic talents of our school community will be announced soon, so please watch this space. 

Corporate Sponsorship

We’d be delighted to discuss bespoke sponsorship and collaboration opportunities available throughout our FIDA initiative and our calendar of fundraising events. This is a unique opportunity for businesses to be part of something exciting and inspirational for our young people. Please contact our Fundraising Manager, Rebecca McFarlane, for more information.

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