Free courses and challenges for young people who want to help build a sustainable future

What FIDA Can Offer You

We believe in the power of education to transform the future. We also think there’s a compelling alternative to traditional classroom teaching and exams. FIDA will give you opportunities to tackle real-world challenges rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, through creative thinking and collaboration with experts from industry and universities. All our projects and courses are designed for young people of school age and are available free of charge.

Ready to Solve Global Challenges?

Choose from 17 different challenges and courses - one for each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.‍

Sustainability Diploma

Gain a Diploma qualification worth 24 points at SCQF Level 6 (equivalent to one Higher)

Events and Competitions

Come to an event or take part in a competition, in collaboration with national and global partners.

Teacher Toolbox

Resources for teachers to support delivery of courses in school.

Our collaborators

By understanding the world around them through a range of different perspectives and disciplines, students can design meaningful responses to the complex challenges that we face. Young people today have a great social and environmental conscious and want to make the world better in so many ways – they can be powerful change makers and should be supported to do so.

Ian Munro

Co-founder of FIDA and Rector of Dollar Academy

FIDA’s bold approach to education places the student experience at the centre, providing critical opportunities to engage with industry and stakeholders beyond the classroom. This aligns closely with some of the recommendations I made in my report to Scottish Government on a future vision for Scottish education and I am highly impressed with what the initiative aims to do.

Professor Ken Muir

Independent advisor to the Scottish Government on the replacement of the Scottish Qualifications Authority,


Design for the Planet Workshop

Students from across Scotland came together to create a powerful art installation highlighting climate change, centered around Clarion The Bear
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A Bioplastic Future

An S4 participant from Glasgow making her own bioplastic
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My Community, My Food

This terrific recipe won its creator a day in the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant
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'See Me' Workshop

Scottish Ballet & FIDA offered a workshop exploring gender inequality through movement and dance.
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Upcycling Jeans

Explore the environmental impact of denim and transform an old pair of jeans into something new!
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Design For the Planet

Work collaboratively to find solutions to real-world problems through challenges and projects built around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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