A Diploma qualification worth 24 points at SCQF Level 6 (equivalent to one Higher) which has UCAS and international recognition

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The Learning Programme

In this exciting course, you will learn by designing solutions to real-world problems. You will choose three ‘Global Challenge’ projects, each one posing a problem rooted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You will learn and use the principles of Design Thinking to develop innovative solutions. You’ll then choose one of your solutions to develop as a sustainable business or social enterprise proposal, with support from the University of Stirling Enterprise Team.  

There are no exams. Assessment is based on a Portfolio of work you build throughout the course.

What will I learn?

The course is divided into three Units:

Unit 1: Understanding Sustainability and Design Thinking

You will deepen your understanding of sustainability and learn the principles of Design Thinking as an approach to solving real-world problems.

Unit 2: Designing Sustainable Solutions

You will choose three Global Challenge Projects from a menu. In each, you will devise a solution to a real-world problem rooted in one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You will develop the skills of independent research, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship. These important skills are increasingly sought by employers, universities and colleges.

Unit 3: Entrepreneurship – Ideas Into Action

You will choose one of your solutions from Unit 2 to develop further as a sustainable business or social enterprise proposal. This part of the course includes sessions with the University of Stirling Enterprise Team, and the opportunity to present your proposal and receive feedback from entrepreneurs.

Unit 1

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Diploma Unit 1.1: What is Sustainability?

You are about to begin an exciting journey – to explore sustainability, its vital role in our future, and how you, through your voice and actions, can make a positive impact on the world.

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Diploma Unit 1.2:
Design Thinking:
An Introduction

Coming soon!

Unit 2

Global Challenge Projects

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Save Our Soils – Diploma

Coming soon!

6098f83be68e2bb4b6b67ab4_07 Net Zero Island-p-2000

Powering the Community – Diploma

Coming soon!

606c87a10e6471325b734d87_14 Aquatic Regeneration Devices Card

Waves of Change – Diploma

Coming soon!

606c82e83c16579af2ec54fc_03 Intergenerational Playscapes Card

Playscapes For All – Diploma

Coming soon!

606e0de432f36e10f587f8a1_16 Monumental Reimagining Hero-p-1080

A Monument For Our Time – Diploma

Coming soon!

606c82e96af9f96c0929f2a6_15 Life on Land Card

Combatting Climate Anxiety – Diploma

Coming soon!

Elements Courses

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Sketching Made Easy – Diploma

Coming soon!

606c82e94ecbd97dede9e6dc_04 Discovering Data Card

Research Skills – Diploma

Coming soon!

606c82e94ecbd97dede9e6dc_04 Discovering Data Card

Creating Digital Content – Diploma

Coming soon!

Unit 3

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Diploma Unit 3:
Ideas Into Action

Coming soon!

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