Morven Neil

Depute Rector at Inverness Royal Academy
“This is possibly one of the most important courses we could offer our pupils and we are delighted to be part of this pilot. The world is grappling with the urgent need for sustainable solutions and our current generation of school pupils are extremely aware of this. This surge in interest among school pupils is indicative of a generation that is deeply committed to safeguarding the planet’s future. They’re not just passive observers; they are seeking knowledge, solutions, and ways to reduce their ecological impact. This diploma will allow our students to be prepared for future career sectors, policy and personal challenges in a world that faces a climate crisis.”

Jenny Gilruth

Cabinet Secretary for Education
“The Scottish Government is committed to developing a system of qualifications and assessment that ensures pupils are well-equipped to tackle future challenges as they progress through education. Young people are facing a range of global challenges, including the climate emergency, which is why we have supported Dollar Academy to gain accreditation of its sustainability diploma, as part of the implementation of our Learning for Sustainability Action Plan. I am pleased that vitally important education resources such as these can be accessed for free by pupils across the country.”

Tim Allan CBE

“Scotland finds itself in a fast-changing, digital world. We aspire to play a leading role in that world, so it is vital that young people leave school with more than just knowledge taught in the classroom. FIDA is demonstrating the enormous potential of a new way of working that will equip young folk with the skills they need to thrive and succeed in the modern workplace. And this new way of working demands a new kind of space. I really feel that the proposed new building, with innovative spaces to think, design, create, collaborate and communicate, is exactly what FIDA needs to offer these vital educational experiences to young people from across our country. I strongly support this ambitious and important plan.”


from Stirling who participated in FIDA's 'Upcycling Jeans' challenge.
“Working on the FIDA design challenge provided a fascinating real-life context to explore creativity and design, with the aim of helping solve a hugely important environmental issue. It also exposed me to the type of design brief challenge I would later go on to regularly experience as a Fashion and Textile undergraduate. Therefore, I will always be grateful to FIDA for allowing me to take part in the challenge and the many opportunities it presented.”

S6 Pupil

from Glasgow who participated in FIDA’s ‘Design for the Planet’ architecture workshop during COP26
“The weekend was excellent. It gave us a taste of the teamwork needed to make projects work. I am most grateful for the knowledge I gained from the architects. Model-making after the brainstorming sessions enabled us to see how to generate ideas into reality, and my favourite part was when we were all working as a large team to complete the artistic monument.”

David Thomson

Head of Modern Studies at Morgan Academy in Dundee
“To be given access to this resource has been an absolute godsend and the support FIDA has given me has been immeasurable. More importantly, the resource being made available to my students has boosted their confidence and ability immensely.”

Councillor Ellen Forson

Leader of Clackmannanshire Council
“Partnership working is a key value for Clackmannanshire Council and the delivery of Scotland’s International Environment Centre alongside the University of Stirling is a great example of what effective partnerships can achieve. The chance to participate in FIDA through the SIEC is a tremendously exciting opportunity for our residents, the County and Scotland. I am particularly keen to see how we can build on the foundations already in place through FIDA and the SIEC Young Pathfinders to maximise opportunity and access to innovation, enterprise and ultimately better, well paid jobs for our young people. By embedding the principles of Community Wealth Building into our partnership, I am optimistic that the benefits of our work will be shared across Clackmannanshire and beyond.”

Ian Munro

Co-founder of FIDA and Rector of Dollar Academy
"By understanding the world around them through a range of different perspectives and disciplines, students can design meaningful responses to the complex challenges that we face."

Dr John Rogers

Executive Director of the Research, Innovation & Business Engagement at the University of Stirling
“Scotland’s International Environment Centre is delighted to be collaborating with FIDA. The ideas and innovations being generated by young people are inspirational and, in partnership, FIDA and SIEC can enable those ideas and innovations to become reality as clean, sustainable businesses, technologies and services. This will play a central role in establishing Clackmannanshire as the headquarters of low-carbon innovation for Scotland.”

Andrew Whalley OBE

Globally renowned architect
“Dollar Academy has a long history of encouraging students to explore the arts which of course fuels the imagination and creative problem solving. It’s now leading the way with a paradigm shift in learning, to be shared as an open platform resource. Such an initiative requires an equally fresh approach to its future centre, with an architecture that will support team working, collaboration and exploring new creative sustainable solutions that will empower and inspire the next generation to tackle the planetary problems we now all face.”

Professor Ken Muir

Independent advisor to the Scottish Government on the replacement of the Scottish Qualifications Authority
"FIDA’s bold approach to education places the student experience at the centre, providing critical opportunities to engage with industry and stakeholders beyond the classroom. This aligns closely with some of the recommendations I made in my report to Scottish Government on a future vision for Scottish education and I am highly impressed with what the initiative aims to do.”


Pupil from Elgin who studied Higher Politics through FIDA.
"I got an A in Higher Politics! Thank you so much for your help, I honestly wasn’t expecting to get an A, and before getting the results I was feeling optimistic and thinking I’d get a B. I really appreciate the fact that it’s possible to study Higher Politics online as it was a subject that really fascinated me but I couldn’t study it at my school. ”

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