Worms for Waste

Goal 13 - Climate Action

Discover why earthworms are key to the future of the natural world and design your own wormery to reduce food waste.

What is this challenge?

The world is running out of fertile soil to grow the food we need. But there’s one creature with a ‘superpower’ that can help us solve this problem – the humble earthworm! In this challenge, you will discover what makes worms our key partners in saving the planet’s soil – and at the same time, reducing greenhouse gases and helping tackle climate change. You’ll then design your own “wormery” – a healthy habitat for worms where they can transform your food waste into super-nutritious fertiliser to improve the quality of soil in your garden or community.

When can I participate?

Open now

What happens at the end?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion, and will also have the opportunity for your work to be included in an online gallery. A participant aged 16-18 who submits an outstanding piece of work will have the opportunity of work experience or mentoring from sustainable Scottish retailer Zero Waste Organics.

How long will it take?

Around 3-5 hours

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