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Web app design competition – Best Beginnings

Posted on 12 August 2021
FIDA has partnered with Best Beginnings, a UK charity that works to reduce health inequalities in babies and young children, to launch a web app design competition for young people.  This is a real-world challenge to design an app that will be used by health professionals in the NHS. The purpose of the app is…

MIT Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge

Posted on 12 August 2021
FIDA is proud to have partnered with MIT Solve as part of their Amplify network.  Solve is an initiative of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that seeks to solve global challenges of sustainability through engaging young people in social impact innovation projects.  They have recently launched the Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge, inviting teams of young…

Weekend Workshop: Design for the Planet

Posted on 12 August 2021
FIDA is delighted to host a design workshop on 6th-7th November for pupils in S4-S6.  Young people will collaborate with architects from two leading Scottish practices, as well as an artist and a historian. Over the two days, they will first explore how human societies have used monuments down the ages to capture important messages.…

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