Upload Your Work

FINAL CHECKLIST to complete the challenge:


  • Your paragraphs or recording about a local or sustainable food movement (from Part 2)
  • Your list of 10+ local ingredients (from Part 3)
  • Your short description of your desk and field research (from Part 3)
  • Your ‘exploded sketch’ of your recipe idea, clearly labelled (from Part 6)
  • Your original and updated recipes (from Part 7)
  • Your original and updated portion budgets (from Part 7)
  • Your paragraphs or recording about your feedback and the changes you have made to your recipe (from Part 7)
  • Your photo of your dish (from Part 8)
  • Your paragraphs or recording to reflect on how your dish turned out (from Part 8)

What is this challenge?


When can I participate?


What happens at the end?



How long will it take?