Cabinet Secretary’s Advisers Meet With FIDA

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We were pleased to welcome three of Jenny Gilruth MSP’s senior advisers to Dollar at the beginning of December to learn more about FIDA. Jenny Gilruth is the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, and the visit followed the publication in June of both the Hayward Report, which made recommendations to ministers about the future of qualifications and assessment in Scotland; and the Scottish Government’s Learning for Sustainability Action Plan, which lays out an ambitious range of measures to embed sustainability into the curriculum for all learners aged 3-18.

FIDA’s model of project-based learning rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals aligns strongly with both these national priorities; and the FIDA Sustainability Diploma currently in development will take this a step further with a new qualification recognised by employers, colleges and universities. We look forward to a further visit from the Cabinet Secretary in due course and are delighted to play a part in this important national conversation.

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