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FIDA has teamed up with Scottish Ballet to offer a one-day workshop called See Me, to primary school pupils aged 10-12 across Central Scotland. The workshop will take place in the dance studio at Alva Academy on Wednesday 6th April, and will explore the global issue of gender equality through movement and dance. 

The morning session will involve developing short routines in different dance styles inspired by fascinating case studies from around the world, such as a project in Guatemala to enable girls to get to school by providing them with a bicycle. These are genuine stories that have been brought together by FIDA in collaboration with expert partners working globally on programmes that promote equality, including the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

In the afternoon, Scottish Ballet will deliver a fun dance workshop exploring themes of identity, acceptance and respect. This will be led by two of Scotland’s leading dance practitioners, who have worked with primary school children across Scotland.

The workshop is open to all current primary school pupils aged 10-12 and is free of charge. Participants should wear whatever they’re comfy moving in: T-shirt, shorts/trackies and trainers or barefoot.  To register interest, or for further information, please contact us using the contact form linked here.

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