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FIDA is delighted to have partnered with Sustainable Fashion Week UK and to have hosted Fashion Forward, a free online public event held on Thursday 23rd September 2021.  It brought together a panel of sustainable fashion pioneers who spoke about their work and then opened the floor to questions.  The panellists were: Amelia Twine, founder of Sustainable Fashion Week UK; Niki Taylor, Fashion Revolution’s country lead for Scotland; Cassandra Belanger, co-founder of international group Zero Waste Design Online; and Siobhan McKenna, founder of ReJean Denim.   It is rare for these high-profile industry leaders to be assembled in the same panel, so it was a fantastic opportunity to learn and be inspired.  The event was attended by 50 school students and members of the wider community.  It generated thought-provoking debate on issues ranging from holding big brands to account for their environmental impact, to making sewing more accessible to disabled people.  The clear message that emerged was that we can all, as consumers and engaged citizens, use our voice and our behaviour to effect meaningful change.

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