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FIDA is proud to have partnered with MIT Solve as part of their Amplify network.  Solve is an initiative of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that seeks to solve global challenges of sustainability through engaging young people in social impact innovation projects.  They have recently launched the Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge, inviting teams of young people to submit their ideas for a technology-based solution to an unmet social, economic or environmental need.  ‘Technology’ is defined in the broadest sense – the solution could be high-tech, such as a robotic device or a piece of innovative software, or it could be low-tech, such as introducing a particular plant to an aquatic environment to reduce pollution.  Applicants have access to MIT workshops to support them in their application, and the competition closes on 18th January 2022.  Teams are competing for over $200,000 available as prize money to selected entrants to take their ideas forward.  FIDA is looking to facilitate a multi-school team entry or entries from Scotland, and is seeking interested pupils from S3-6. To register your interest or for more information, please visit

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